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The company history of DIA Prüflabor at a glance with the development history of different test standards

DIA Prüflabor für Luftfilter looks back on a long history in which some test standards were introduced and amended.

Founding year of DIA
The company that then started as an institute for environmental analysis, already researched innovative filtration processes.
Commissioning of the first test bench
DIA has its own test bench for the first time. In the same year, the test standard EN 779 was introduced for classifying particle air filters for general ventilation and air-conditioning technology.
Introduction of the EN 1822 filter standard -
for testing HEPA and ULPA HEPA filters. In 2001, the standard was supplemented by Part 4 "Leak test of the filter element (scan method)" and Part 5 "Separation efficiency test of the filter element". DIA Prüflabor expanded its laboratory technology to include laser aerosol spectrometers that allow measuring particle diameters from a few nanometres to a few micrometres.
Revision of the test procedure according to EN 779
The revised procedure was based on methods previously specified in EN 779:1993 and Eurovent 4/9:1997. DIA extends the test bench for testing filter media.
Revision of the EN 1822 series of standards and first publication of the ISO 29463 standard
The new version of EN 1822 replaces the previous editions from July 1998 (Parts 1 to 3) and February 2001 (Parts 4 and 5). The amendments include the introduction of a new group "E" for high performance particulate filters (EPA) and an alternative test procedure using a solid test aerosol instead of a liquid one. Procedures for testing and classifying filters with membrane filter media were also introduced.
Amendment of the test standard EN 779
The revision includes the change of the names of F5 and F6 to M5 and M6 respectively. In addition, the standard will require compliance with minimum efficiencies and the sampling of the discharged filter medium in the future.
Introduction of the test standard EN ISO 29461
for air intake filter systems for rotary machinery
Introduction of the new ISO standard DIN EN ISO 16890 and amendment of ISO 29463
ISO 29463 now covers a two-part classification system. ISO 16890 finally replaced the previous standard EN 779 in 2018. In the course of this process, a discharge chamber was added to the equipment of DIA Prüflabor. This serves to remove the electrostatic charge from a complete filter. According to the previous standard EN 779, only part of the medium was discharged instead of performing this procedure on the complete filter.
Amendment of EN 1822
Part 1 "Classification, performance testing, marking" remains unchanged. The remaining parts now refer to ISO 29463.