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DIN EN ISO 29461

Test standard for air intake filter systems for rotary machinery

DIN EN ISO 29461-1 represents a test method for determining the performance of particle air filters and filter inlet systems for rotary machines. This applies, for example, to stationary gas turbines, compressors and other stationary combustion engines.

The process is intended for filters operating at flow rates ranging from 850 900 m³/h to 8,500 m³/h. The standard refers to static filter systems but can also be applied to other filter types. The test procedure is based on the test standards ISO 16890 and ISO 29463. Filter classes range from ISO T1 till ISO T13.

The test according to ISO 29461-1 includes:

  • Testing the initial pressure difference
  • Determination of the gravimetric initial arrestance versus the mass of test dust captured
  • Measurement of the fractional efficiency
  • Conditioning method to determine the minimum fractional test efficiency
  • Determination of the separation efficiency in MPPS for the range of high efficiency filters
  • Dust holding capacity