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Filter tests

DIA offers the testing and classification of coarse dust filters, fine dust filters and HEPA filters.

Classification can be carried out in accordance with standards for filter media, pocket filters, panel filters, compact filters, minipleat air filters, round filters, cartridge filters, wedge filters and other filter types.

The offer includes testing according to recognised testing standards. On request, individual characteristics of a filter such as the initial pressure difference and its fractional efficiency can also be recorded.

We would be pleased to discuss the planned analysis target with you in order to propose a suitable test.

DIN EN ISO 16890

Test standard for air filters for general ventilation

DIN EN 1822

Test standard for high efficiency air filters (EPA, HEPA and ULPA)

DIN EN 779

Test standard for particulate air filters for general ventilation

DIN EN ISO 29463

Test standard for high-efficiency filters and filter media for removing particles in air

DIN EN ISO 29461

Test standard for air intake filter systems for rotary machinery